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27 April 2009 @ 05:23 pm
I created a group of icons. They are mostly Team icons but there are 2 others. Hope you enjoy them. :)

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25 April 2009 @ 07:48 pm
Wow, I haven't wrote in like forever. -.-;;

It's the weekend. Yay! and today was a beautiful day. It hit 87 today! I was actually sweating :P It's very unusual for Vermont and for the end of April. I loved it though!

I went shopping with my mom after weight watchers meeting (which wasn't the best because I gained 3lbs but that's because it's my monthly time). I was in search of a new dress since all my dresses seem to be too big for me anymore. Which isn't a bad thing but it means my wardrobe is getting smaller :/

I went everywhere and like before I couldn't find anything. It's like nobody wears dresses anymore. :/

We finally went to Fashion Bug (my favorite store!) and I was able to get a nice skirt, top, shoes and jewelry that all matched ^_______^ I can't wait to wear it to church tomorrow!

I've been writing a lot in my Twilight Fan-Fic lately. Nikki just can't get enough out of me every night :P j/k dear. I enjoy writing. It's like an escape for me. I can live in the fantasy through the writing and it makes me happy. :)

I also created a soundtrack for my story...though the songs aren't in order as of yet. I like putting lyrics to songs in my writing. It highlights different sections of the story and makes certain parts more emotional.

Here is the list so far:

1. Bryan Adams - I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You
2. Pete Yorn - Lose You
3. Regina Spektor - The Call
4. Donna Lewis – At the Beginning
5. Yiruma – May Be
6. Yiruma – Kiss the Rain
7. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
8. Nelly Furtado (feat. Keith Urban) – In God’s Hands
9. Paramore – Adore
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20 April 2009 @ 12:45 pm
You Are a Convertible
You're playful and carefree. You are lighthearted in all aspects of your life.
Life is short and you act accordingly. You don't worry, and you try to bring fun into other people's lives.

You love feeling free, and you don't do well with rules or restrictions. You need to be able to do your own thing.
You feel more alive than most people. You can really savor the little things in life, like feeling the wind in your hair.

Haha! That's a perfect Cullen type car! XD
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20 April 2009 @ 12:43 pm
You Are a Doer
You are primarily concerned with what is actual. You tend to be a practical person.
You love to stay busy, and you are always immersed in projects.

You are in touch with your senses, and you enjoy indulging them. You're likely a crafter of some sort.
You crave different sensations in life, whether it's working with your hands, playing sports, or eating your favorite meal.
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20 April 2009 @ 10:00 am
Well, I was supposed to go back to work today but that didn't happen. I didn't sleep very well again and I couldn't stop coughing.

We came to a conclusion that it was the medicine that was causing me to cough so much so I stopped taking it. Instead I am trying taking Mucinex. I'm not going to jump to conclusions but my coughing has lessened. So maybe this is the best course of action.

I won't be going into work tomorrow either, just so I can get more rest. I told them when I called in this morning that I wouldn't be in. Thankfully I still have some sick days left.

So here I am, stuck at home, trying to feel better. My mom is babying me, which isn't a bad thing :P

I think I might try to write more in my Twilight Fan-Fic so Yuichen won't get mad at me :P
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18 April 2009 @ 09:39 pm

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17 April 2009 @ 09:39 pm
I took a picture of Anya today. She had stuck her little body into a small shoe box but looked quite content being in there. lol.

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17 April 2009 @ 06:48 pm
I haven't posted a picture of myself in a while, so here goes. It's not the best picture but it's recent. It's me wearing my Alice Cullen choker! <3

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17 April 2009 @ 11:29 am
Well, I started week two of the medicine. I don't seem to be getting better fast. I got hold of my doctor sister-in-law and she said the medicine I'm on is the strongest there is and that I probably won't be feeling better until 2-3 weeks. :/

Right now the biggest thing is pain in my whole body including my ear and coughing. Coughing is just annoying but hurts just the same.

I'll be so glad when I'll be free of the sickness. I feel useless when I'm not feeling good.
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16 April 2009 @ 10:42 am

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